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Would you like to help with the Book of the Month?

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  • Would you like to help with the Book of the Month?

    Hello everyone,

    I am posting to see if any of you would like to help with the Book of the Month... I don't want to horde all of the fun

    If you'd like to help with any of the following items, please email me at to let me know.

    - help moderate the book discussion to help keep it flowing and respectful

    - help contact authors/publishers from our list to see if they could donate books and moderate our premium forum a week time period

    - help maintain the list of book suggestions so that we can indicate when we've read one from the list

    - help create pollls for the "members suggested" book options to read

    Again, if any of the above sounds of interest to you, please let me know so that we can get started on this together

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    I would be glad to help you, Stephanie. Just let me know what you want me to do.


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      Thank you Lisa! What looks of interest to you from the above list? You get to get first dibs :-)


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        Ok girl...sorry I'm just now getting back to you about this but I'm totally willing to help with whatever! Just give me a call this week sometime. Nici


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          I would be willing to do anything on the list you posted. Whatever will help you the most at this time would be best for me.


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            Need to create template for contacting authors

            Okay, I need to have a template created that we can use for contacting authors. This template would be one to use for contacting them by email and by postal mail about the Book of the Month and the features that go with it (donating books and the author moderating the premium forum for a week). We would want to contact them by email first and then postal mail.

            We will also need to create a template to use for contacting the authors via phone so that we can have a script to use as notes for us.

            Lastly, a system to be put in place in regards to keeping track of what authors we've contacted, whose willing to donate books and moderate the forum and who is not.

            So, what parts of this Step 1 would you like to do?