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    On page 155, Larry writes about how we say to playing. Do you find yourself being animated as you play?

    "Just saying yes means having a basic attitude of acceptance rather that rejection, approval rather than disapproval. Be animated as you play: use gestures, your voice, and facial expressions. Be enthusiastic, racing after the ball if you're playing catch, throwing yourself into your character in fantasy play. Be sure to take stock of your own feelings, especially depression and anger, since these emotions make it hard to match children's pace and tone. Be warm, inviting, supportive. Now, I don't expect you to do this every minute you are with chldren; it would be nice, but it's a little unrealistic. My hope is that you will set aside certain times to really try on this attitude, even if it's just for a few minutes at first. Most of us -- myself included -- feel as though we are already giving so much, paying to much to our children to our children. But hours of halfhearted, lethartic, resentful interaction is less helpful that a shorter time of full-throttle play. In fact, once they get some of this type of playtime, they will usually be less demanding of every minute of your attention the rest of the time."