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Peaceful Parent: Ch 3: Emotion-Coaching

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  • Peaceful Parent: Ch 3: Emotion-Coaching

    On page 93, "... sometimes we neglect two more important lessons all children need to know: how to manage their feelings (and therefore their behavior), and how to understand other people's feelings. These two skills from the core of what psychologists have come to call the EQ, or the emotional intelligence quotient...Emotions matter. You can't tackle a big project if you're overcome by anxiety... In other words, the ability of a human being to manage his emotions in a healthy way will determine the quality of his life -- maybe even more fundamentally than his IQ. Even a child's academic success is determined as much by EQ as by IQ, because intellectual learning depends on managing anxiety and motivating ourselves. Best of all for parents, children with solid emotional intelligence can better manage their emotions and therefore their behavior, so they tend to be both self-disciplined and cooperative."

    How could things have been different for you if you had had a better emotion coaching teacher so that your EQ could have been at its best as a youth? If you had great emotion coaches, what did they do to raise your EQ to what it is today?

    For me, if I had had better EQ I might have been less shy, less of a perfectionist, had better self-esteem, and been more comfortable around others. I think that I might have become the writer I wanted to be. Oddly enough, through the healing of being a parent I am now EQing myself so that I am closer and closer to this ideal dream of mine! Hahaha. Have you found this with yourself as well?