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    What are the most challenging parts of life with your child or children?

    For me, it would be getting the right communicative response to something such as a rude word being used, a rude tone, an inappropriate comment. How to respond without sarcasm, responding back in a rude way, or not gently communicating the right way to use those words/actions.

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    challenging parts of parenting

    Right now, sibling rivalry is the most difficult part of parenting. My oldest two are away at college, but the 17, 15, 13 year olds are struggling terribly with their youngest brother, 6. He is a persistent, sensory seeker who gets in their space more often than they would like and they do not self-regulate under those conditions any better than he does. My "coaching" falls on deaf ears - he is the baby and they view him as being spoiled. In their eyes, this must look doubly bad because it was with his arrival that we did a 180* in our parenting style.


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      Do you feel that some of the challenge might also be to not feel guilty with the other children when you have done a whole 180* with the family? I can imagine that is going on as well since you have the research of a different kind that you are reading that is driving your parenting decisions now.


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        Definitely sibling rivalry and aggression of the 4 year old toward the 3 year old. It's been this way from the start. Alone both kids are so lovely. Together it's often so hard for all of us.


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          ljsparco, that's a good one. I've heard many parents talk about this as challenging because the mommy bear part comes out of them when another one is hurt. How do you manage during those moments?