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Chapter 1: Sticker Chart

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  • Chapter 1: Sticker Chart

    On page 19, Dr. Laura Markham talks about a sticker chart to help us be accountable to our children to stop yelling.

    "Make the commitment to your family. You have to commit yourself to someone else. Specifically, you have to commit to your child that you intend to stop yelling, because your child is really the only person who will be there to keep you honest... Make a "Respectful Voice" sticker chart to reward yourself. At the end of every day, your child decides whether you merit a sticker. This is what keeps you accountable.

    Are you against sticker charts for kids? So am I, because they teach the wrong lesson... But since parents have all the power in the family, this is a way to empower the child to hold the parent accountable."

    What are your thoughts on this method? I thought it was ingenious!

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    In desperation I have tried sticker charts for the kids. The kids couldn't care less about them. Totally disinterested. I think the chart for parents is a cool idea, since I already give myself little stars for when I exercise. I keep thinking about making my own chart and planning some nice treats if I reach my goals. Just need to make it happen...


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      I can see how doing it for kids doesn't work very well but I can totally see it working if it was reversed. Plus, it might be a little bit fun!