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Chapter 1: Nurture yourself through challenging times

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  • Chapter 1: Nurture yourself through challenging times

    On pg 32 Dr. Laura Markham writes: "Notice the challenging times of day anda find ways to nurture yourself through them. It's your life, and you're in charge whether it feels that way or not. Letting yourself feel victimized doesn't help your kids. Does bedtime drive your crazy? Make a plan to make it better, whether that's sharing more responsibility with your spouse, starting earlier, posting a schedule, getting more sleep yourself, or enjoying a cup of tea while you read to your child."

    My most challening times would be with bedtime and the afternoons. When I realized this I started to make changes.

    I noticed with bedtime I was constantly watching the clock to see how much time it was taking to her to go to sleep and being resentful that it was taking anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Then I started to reframe this time as my time to recharge so that when I left the room I would have energy to handle the time to myself or the time with my hubby. I would lay down beside her and just close my eyes and think of the days events or just be at peace. Once I started to do this it made a difference with bedtime. I looked forward to it because it was hugs time as well as recharge time for myself.

    In the afternoons, I realized it was because I wasn't getting enough sleep at times because of the multiple times she would wake up. So I started going in her room with her, closing the door, and locking it so that I felt she was secure. While she was playing in her room I would be in her bed taking a small nap. As she got older she recognized this time and started doing quiet activities for herself during this time period.

    What are some ideas you could or have done during your most challenging time periods?