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breastfeeding success stories?

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  • breastfeeding success stories?

    Hi. I'm hoping to hear some breastfeeding success stories with multiples - as my local multiples group is not very encouraging. The latest journal was great inspiration, just looking for more stories! Also, anyone have success with feeding two at the same time?

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    I don't personally, but there's a woman in our local LLL who has 18 month old twins that she's still nursing. It's amazing to watch her nurse them both @ the same time! Just wanted to let you know there are people out there who do it! HTH


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      Breastfeeding twins

      I have 5 1/2 month old b/g twins. I really haven't found it a problem - I'm planning to breastfeed until they are two, unless they wean themselves earlier. I tandem feed them at home on a cushion we made from some high density foam ($17) but when I am out I feed them singly - just have to make sure I get to them before they are hungry because it is terrible feeding one in a cafe while the other cries. So when out they get frequent top ups! I had the usual starting problems that all new mothers do (painful nipples, mainly) but by twelve weeks we were cruising.

      I also joined the Australian Breastfeeding Association (la Leche League) - it's great to surround yourself with people who take breastfeeding for granted. There's another mother of twins at mine.

      I took naturopathics to support breastfeeding too - calcium supplements, and zinc for healthy nipple tissue, and flaxseed oil to prevent mastitis (and postnatal depression, apparently)

      'Mothering Multiples' is a fabulous book that really supports breastfeeding.

      I saw a lactation consultant before the twins were born, who was fabulous.

      Happy to talk more but it really hasn't been an issue at all. My partner is also incredibly supportive and never doubted I could do it - and partners are very involved in the early days, bringing babies and helping to attach. I read some research that said partner support was a big determinant in whether mothers persevered with breastfeeding.

      Five months down the track, it seems sooooo much easier to be breastfeeding - we sleep with the twins, and just swap sides to whoever is hungry, put the breast in and go back to sleep! Getting up to do formula - ugh! Also not worrying when I am going out - all I need are a couple of nappies and my breasts (I'm actually not looking forward to solids - all that preparation!). Also - I've lost all my baby weight so VERY happy about that.(Maybe I can breastfeed them until they are 20...)

      Good luck - in my experience, it is really very do-able and I don't know what all the fuss is about.


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        Ahhh- thank you. That was exactly what I needed to hear.


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          Hello! I'm new to the boards as of today. I have twin boys that are 14 months old and am stil BFing. It was tough in the first weeks to months. Then again having twins is just plain old draining. I'm so glad I was able to stick with it. They are very attached and happy healthy little guys. Visit a LC and get as much support from family and friends as possible is my best advice.
          It's not easy but it is worth it.
          All my best!


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            Breastfeedubg twins at 15 months and no plan to stop soon

            I'm nursing twins abd it's fine. Ignore other people!

            Just make sure you drink loads of water, even if not thirsty and prepare to barely sleep for 3-4 till the milk comes in. Can you afford a doula postnatal for first two weeks? I couldn't and survived.