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Twins and nightime parenting?

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  • Twins and nightime parenting?

    Any Ideas?

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    this will take some time, you need to be patience


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      My nighttime routine with my twins

      I am a single Mum with twins. They are currently 8 weeks old. I also find they wake when I try to put them down so here is the method that is working so far.
      They sleep next to each other in the middle of my bed. I only have a fitted sheet on the bed and seperate blankets for them and another one for me to make it as safe as possible. In the evening I wrap them and feed them till one or both are asleep. I then lay them on the bed and feed which ever bub is still awake andy feed laying down. During the night as one wakes I move to their side of the bed and once again feed laying down. This may sound like a lot of moving around for me, but I acttually sleep well and get to cuddle up with each bub during the night. The wraping stops them from waking themselves up with failing arms. I keep a pacifier/dummy on the bed incase I am feeding one and the other bub wakes and is distressed. I never used a dummy with my daughter but with twins i find it is sometimes neccesary. Better than leaving one to cry.
      A firm matress designed not to disturb your sleping companions really helps.
      I know tandem feeding is often recommended but I try to avoid doing it during the night as I find it much harder to get them both to sleep afterwards as they often wake when I try to lay them down.
      I have found it very difficult to find any books or information on attachment parenting with twins. I am new to thei web site and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
      Hope this helps


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        Twins and nightime parenting

        is simply excellent phrase