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  • Silly reassurance needed

    Hello, once again I feel like I am pregnant with twins. (I wasn't the last time and I thought that then too!) Now a friend just had a dream last night that I had TRIPLETS!!!!! So I am a little superstious and need a little reassurance!

    I am about 20 weeks, am planning another homebirth with a very hands off midwife (the kind I like) she always does home vists for my appts which I love with two other ones hanging around! I don't usually get ultrasounds and they are not offered so getting one just for this purpose would be very difficult (pretending to get a local OB for full time care or paying 100$ for a 'vanity' ultrasound an hour away)

    My symptoms now are a Lot of movement....left side, right side, cervix area. Very tired and more sensitive pushing the stomach. I don't remember it being so much this early even with my second child who I could have described near the end as a MAC TRUCK turning around in my uterus! I cannot find online any non-ultrasound twin discovery stories. My next appt is next week and maybe she can feel around and give me a clue too. My dates are firm so it is unlikely that I am just a few months ahead of when I thought. It just feels like a bigger area of movement this early. There is thumping on my bladder right now!!!!

    Ideas, stories!!! Thanks, sorry I'm so winey!