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How do I get 14 month old twins to sleep?

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  • How do I get 14 month old twins to sleep?

    Hi, I have 14 month old B/G twins. I am a single co sleeping Mum. As my twins have gotten older my nighttime routine is no longer working. Does anyone have any ideas about how to get twins to sleep at the same time? If I breastfeed both then they fall asleep on me and I can't move them without waking them. At the moment I read a story put on some peacefull music and then, I breastfeed 1 whilst the other roams the bedroom and lounge (but mainly plays on the bed). But the roamer eventually wants in on the action before the first is asleep and screams. Not the peacefull bedtime routine I dreamt of. Niether of my twins is comforted by being patted or stroaked, or cuddled in this situation.They want to be on the boob and nothing else will do! I am having the same problems for their naps. Help!! Please!!!

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    Same as you!

    I have twin girls 15 m and a 4 yo. My husband sleeps in another room so at night - I'm alone with twins. I dropped the expectation they'll sleep through. That helped - I just read in Naomi Aldort's site a question titled something like night time weaning or baby won't sleep, and that helps too. I'm in bed now with them in a hand held as they sleep.