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Infanthood with Twins

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  • Infanthood with Twins

    My twin boys are 4 now, and I'm pregnant with a singleton. I'm remembering back to how difficult that first year was with twin infants. All the "normal" AP behaviors seemed physically and emotionally impossible, and it took a long time to find my way. I can remember tandem nursing, and bursting into tears because I was SO thirsty and didn't have a free hand to take a drink of water. I can remember seeing other moms with their babies in carriers, and being so upset that I just couldn't manage to carry both at the same time. It was overwhelming to meet the needs of two infants, let alone mine and the siblings' at the same time. Just wondering if anyone else here is going through this / has gone through this, and wants to share stories? Maybe our stories can help other twin moms who need some support.

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    it is very difficult to bring up twins for first two years. Especially mothers should have to forget about 'free time'. Even if she works 24/7, still it is not enough to do routines. To manage the things, husband help is required.