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  • Hand Flapping

    My son is really flapping his hands a lot these days and it is seems to be occurring out of excitement for anything he or we may be talking about. So, it is a happy stim-but stimming nevertheless, that breaks my heart.

    Any suggestions on what to replace this with for my almost 8 year old son?

    I thought of clapping his hands, but did not know if that would serve him well for being a boy and at this age?

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    Neurotypical kids flap when excited too, just to put your mind at ease.

    Clapping is another stim common among spectrum kiddos and I'd venture to say that since it actually makes a noise, it may draw more attention to your son (if that is what you're trying to avoid).

    Since it happens when excited it may be hard to replace it - when you're excited the last thing you're thinking of is what you're supposed to do instead of hand flap hehe.

    Maybe snap his fingers? It may look a little odd but it isn't as loud as clapping.

    My vote is to let him flap though, Alexander (although only 6.5) has days were he flaps more than normal - he'll jump and flap, flap and jump. That's my boy hehe.


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      my only thought is to check and make sure he's not flapping due to sensory modulation. maybe he needs some input? if it's happening a lot throughout the day, i'd try the trusty old deep pressure and heavy work. if he's just happy, though, i don't know. what about a hug?


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        My OP must have sounded a bit cold..

        I am fine with him flapping, but as his Mother,I guess I feel I want to"help" him.

        Really?..I have never noticed a NT kids flap Melissa..that is good to daughter has done it occasionally but I have to be very disecting with her behaviors as she mimics her brothers AS traits sometimes, yet worry with her de-fusable tantrums that something else may be brewing.

        I always think I can control everything, but gratefully I have been blessed with my son to teach me that I indeed cannot control anything at all.

        You know him well Dedra SM always is his issue since he is a sensory seeker and I am sure if I roll him out a few times a day with the yoga ball we may see some change-or not....
        Thanks you guys...