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  • TV?

    We are generally a very limited TV home here..but more and more I am reading or getting suggestions about about the benefits to SN kiddos:
    SN and TV
    Your two cents?

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    okay, everyone, duck!

    i find so much wrong w/this article, where to begin? oh, i know, how about w/the title: "Five ways to use TV for good--Motivate, Educate, Relate, Bribe and Connect" (i really need a hammer-on-the-head smilie here)

    BRIBE!! traci, you know me well enough to know why i think that's just wrong! and then, CONNECT? how about quit bribing your kid and you won't have to figure out ways to connect w/him?!

    now, i'm not anti-tv. i sure could use a lot less of it here, but dh and i aren't on the same page, so not going to change. but if you can't figure out how to connect w/your kid w/out using the tube, you need to find an AP Support Group NOW. and if you're into bribing, ditto. again, not saying if you have done these things you're a bad mom, but to institute it as practice just reflects how poorly our culture is raising parents!

    it also says that t.v. has gotten a bad rap these days! PLEASE! when has anyone heard lately of the tv. getting a bad rap? no one even listens to AAP's "no t.v. under 2" mantra.

    one positive, i think that the article suggests using some videos to teach or something like that. ds1 was language delayed, so we used the Signing Time videos and he really picked up on his communication. ds2 was langugage delayed, but refused to watch them, so we just have to muddle through. so we did find the tv helpful then and we have used it for educational purposes. i love the EYEWITNESS science videos.

    anyway, feeling ranty today, sorry!
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      forgot to say about the soap operas:
      they suggest watching them w/your autistic child to help him understand feelings so what is that supposed to look like?

      "honey, do you see that woman there? that's molly. she's in prison b/c her husband slept w/her sister and so she killed him. how do you think she's feeling?"



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        Thank you Dedra You are so passionate and are such a motivator for me!
        I did not read this thoroughly and just forwarded it before reading..I am sorry to create a bad thread here!
        I had no idea it was so full of *junk*


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          thanks, traci, but no need to apologize. i think it's good to discuss what's "out there". i'd be interested in any other thoughts on this article, even if they completely disagree w/my viewpoint


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            LOL Dedra - your comment about the soap opera and emotions concept just made me giggle.

            My son watches tv, my daughter doesn't care for it. My son does a great job of limiting it for himself.

            In the last month or so my son has watched shows on the following topics:

            Weather (tornadoes, floods, firestorms)

            See the trend? hehe


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              always happy to provide a laugh, although sometimes i get a little too sarcastic....

              i definitely see your son's pattern. i can accurately predict he will watch Egypt next. my son is similar, only he spends an entire week watching one show every day, then something different the next week.