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  • Possible Food Allergy

    We stopped at Johnny Carino's for dinner tonight since we were near one. Arianna ordered the kid's pepperoni pizza and, within about 30 minutes, started complaining that she felt sick. Another 15 minutes passed and we were in the car, when she started vomiting. This isn't the first time this has happened with Johnny Carino's pizza. She handles all other pizzas without a problem. We called the restaurant to find out the ingredients used to make the pizza and there was nothing out of the ordinary. I plan on speaking with her pediatrician about it since I had severe food allergies as a child, but wanted to see what you all thought. Is there a question I should have asked? Is there something I am missing here?

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    Minus the vomiting, that is how my daughter reacts when she has eggs which we have since proven an allergy to. I would definitely bring it up with the pediatrician and perhaps keep some sort of a food log. Good luck and maybe skip Johnny Carino's pizza for awhile.