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You Know How Them AUTISTIC Kids Are!

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  • You Know How Them AUTISTIC Kids Are!

    the local grocery store has free childcare while you shop. we've been dropping ds1 there for years. he loves it. anyway, took him there yesterday and the normal attendant had her arm in a sling. i asked what happened and she said she had to grab a t.v. to keep a kid from pushing it on top of another kid and tore her ligaments. i said, "oh no!" and she responded w/ "You Know How Them AUTISTIC Kids Are!"

    [okay, creating new internet lingo here, i think i'm going to be needing it: W:SA--Warning: Sarcasm Alert]

    yeah, i know how them autistic kids are. they're always shoving t.v.s on top of each other. it's on the news every other night, right behind all the tornado reports. the t.v. manufacturers are up in arms about it. they now have to make autistic-proof boob tubes so that NT kids don't get brain damage. they wanted to put a ban on t.v.s for all autistics, but then the hollywood machine fired back. autistics must have t.v.s! how else will they learn about emotions? they have to watch their SOAP OPERAS!!!!!!

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    I love it! I love your sarcasism, it's great! You and me will be great friends!

    I can't believe this person would lable another like this. I know we all do it all the time but this is a bit much!

    I don't know what to say... I am stunned!


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      you have GOT to be kidding!
      I wonder how she came to that conclusion I mean seriously ..she must have heard someone else make a similar comment to come to her W:SA *enlightened* attitutude!
      thanks for the new lingo is PERFECT!


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        Oh grrrr! Did you say something or just let her wallow in her un-enlightenment?


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          Originally posted by melissa_h View Post
          Oh grrrr! Did you say something or just let her wallow in her un-enlightenment?
          unfortunately, i was like a deer in headlights. i'm trying very hard to move out of my sarcastic self IRL and practice NVC, so if i can't figure out a peaceful response, i've been opting for nothing. plus my husband was w/me, knew i was chomping at the bit, and walked me away. he said, we've always known this woman isn't very bright, but she so obviously loves and cares for ds1, we should leave it alone. i said, fine, she's just lucky LAST month was Autism Awareness

          then i came here to let loose the sarcasm. i'll work on the NVC another time.