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  • Pdd-nos

    Can anyone give me some solid information on this? I think I may be dealing with it with my 3 1/2 year old. I'm going to speak with someone today and hopefully start to find some answers on what's going on with my ds so I can parent him better. Thanks!

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    unfortunately, there is not a lot of "solid" info out there on this dx. it is relatively new and presents itself quite differently in every child. if you really suspect this, i highly recommend getting a formal dx so that you know exactly what you may be dealing w/.

    "A Slant of Sun" is a good read. it's one mom's journey through this dx. i'd also look into Sensory Integration. you may find methods of helping.

    here's an example of a rating scale that may guide you further:

    post here for specific examples of how to help your little guy and come back often for support!


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      The link Dedra provided is a fantastic tool. A PDD-NOS diagnosis is given when a child is experiencing symptoms of an autism spectrum disorder but doesn't fit neatly into the diagnosis of autistic disorder or Asperger's Syndrome. So a person may have a language delay and repetitive behaviors but is able to socially interact with peers so a PDD-NOS diagnosis may apply to the child.

      I also agree to look into sensory integration/dysfunction as well. Lots of spectrum-experienced mommas here so please feel free to post more if you'd like.