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My son won't eat.

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  • My son won't eat.

    My son (19 months) is asd. My current problem is that he refuses to eat. He is exclusively breastfed. Anyone here ever dealt with that? Any try feeding therapy? Thanks.

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    my son is 5 and only eats pancakes, so we're in feeding therapy w/minimal success right now. i REALLY wish we had started when he was younger, but he was eating some foods at your ds's age. i am incredibly thankful that he BF'd until 25 mos.


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      you may go seek out the help of a speech therapist that deals with sensory issues in the mouth.
      We are almost in to see one (we had our evaul) and there is much they can do to "wake up" your little guys mouth to want to eat..


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        My 6 yo DS is not SN, but he also had an eating problem as a baby and young toddler. (And he still battles it to this day.)

        We had him in oral therapy for 6 months, starting when he was 13 months old.

        He ate NOTHING. Literally NOTHING. Every single calorie he took in was breastmilk. The oral therapist was wonderful, and I'm so glad we took him!

        When I say he still battles the oral stuff, I mean that he still very sensitive to certain food textures, and still has a highly sensitive gag reflex. But even 5 years after therapy, he's improving every day.

        good luck!


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          Thank you!