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    When your a mom or dad, one of the things you worry about is your childs health and well-being. I think one of the scariest things that we can come across is when our child develops a dysfunction, or complication. It is sooo scary. The reason I bring this up is because I found these videos on YouTube and they are SOOO touching that I almost cried! Ok...I admit...I did cry. I can only imagine what these families go through. They could use all the emotional support there is, you know?

    I'd highly recommend these films to families dealing with severe illness or disability, and to anyone who could use a little hope. You can check out the series at

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    That's our local children's hospital - their campaign videos are truly heart touching. They also have pictures of patients with their words of thanks and encouragement on posters all over the hospital. Even though the hospital is about a 45 minute drive (and we have to pass another Children's hospital plus four general hospitals on the way), that is the only place I will take my kiddos.

    Thanks for sharing this, I hadn't seen the one you linked.


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      Yeah it just seems that PCH is a different kind of hospital than so many others- it's more than just medicine to them. They actually have all these support systems and help for the families as well. I hate when hospitals shut out the parents/family and treat the patients like they are just another "case." It's so nice to see a hospital with such amazing teamwork and commitment to providing the best care for both patients and their families.