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  • Sleep?

    Does anyone else's child just not sleep? Both of my kids have horrible sleeping habits and I'm

    My son takes a prescription sleep aid after trying everything under the son but after two years of sleeping 4-6 hours a night we started it and it helps him (he was soooo tired from not getting sleep).

    My daughter is at the age where my son's sleep took a major downturn and it is exhausting me. She's never been much of a sleeper but she's moving down to about 7 hours a night. She takes melatonin (with our pediatrician's blessing) which helps her fall asleep but that girl gets up so early, regardless of what time she goes to bed.

    I am really hoping that when school starts up next month and she's back into a normal routine (she's been in the preschool program since she was 2 years 9 months - same teachers, same aides, etc) that she'll start sleeping again. For her, the weighted blanket and melatonin "fixed" her initial sleeping problems. Now they're back.

    I'm tired mommas and I really don't know what to do to get her to sleep. My son is older and so if he doesn't sleep he's OK to be up alone in the morning. Even though my daughter is almost five she's just not really ready to be awake alone. I know that the kids won't get out of the house without us knowing (house alarm and childproof doorknob covers) but it is her being awake *in* the house that is my concern.


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    oohh where is Dedra here for you Melissa..
    I know she will be here for you.. mamma


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      i am here, but, unfortunately, can only empathize, as i have been dangerously sleep-deprived for 5 years (until about 2 months ago). i can only suggest that if your children sleep, you sleep. if they go to bed at 7p, you should, too. i know that many of us like to stay up and get stuff done or just have alone time once the kids are out, but you make the trade of missing out on precious sleep.

      have you tried calms forte or coffea? homeopathics? you could try dosing them mid-way through the nite. it may help. but some kids are just wired to wake up at certain times, usually TOO EARLY


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        My son gets up early no matter what, even switching time zones by 8 hours and trying so hard to "fix" his clock, didn't work. (we tried 4 times)

        Maybe due to the AS? I'm just hoping the new baby sleeps more.


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          Thanks Dedra. I find it so hard to do that but I'm starting to think that until school starts next month that's the best idea. If I can't beat 'em, join 'em (so to speak).

          Posh - good luck with the wee one sleeping. I know that sleep issues among spectrum kiddos is so common. Both of my kiddos slept good as infants and even into toddlerhood. They just snuck this not sleeping thing on me between 2 and 3 hehe


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            i did actually think of something practical that may work for your dd. can you give her a basket of toys/activities to keep in her room and tell her she can play w/those until you get out of bed, but she needs to stay in her room except to use the bathroom? you could also put some healthy snacks in there for pre-breakfast munchies.


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              We do the snacks but I'm going to try the activities. We're hoping to migrate her into her own bedroom (her bed is in my son's room) because she's been sleeping in there by herself and isn't scared. The other day at 4:00 am she wanted to play so turned the light on which caused my son to absolutely freak out. Scared my daughter.

              She loves to color so I think I'll buy her a "special" coloring book/crayons and have them as her early morning activity. I'll get her a little book light too so she doesn't turn the light on and wake up my son.

              GREAT idea!!