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SPD and weaning

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  • SPD and weaning


    As I mentioned in my introduction, our son has always been "spirited". The behaviors that I now recognize as SPD have become more apparent in the last few months (therefore prompting me to research sensory issues). All I can figure is that I started eliminating day nursing this spring. As we approached his 4th birthday, I felt like I needed to set some limits because nursing nearly every time I sat down was making me cranky. He now nurses to sleep, in the middle of the the night is needed, and upon waking. Is it possible that he was using breastfeeding to "organize" himself? Without the regular breastfeeding, maybe he's feeling frazzled?

    Has anyone else experienced this? Any thoughts?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    I haven't experienced it but it is likely that he is using it to organize himself. Organization and regulation are two issues seen among children with SPD. No real advice but it does make sense, sorry I'm not more helpful.


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      of course it's a possibility, but couldn't say for sure. does he see a therapist? perhaps the OT or PT could offer other activities. he will need these activities eventually, anyway.


      • #4 may be ...but just FYI....a lot of SPD kiddos are high anxiety too, so with your gentle weaning (you are a good mamma!!!-I am not saying you did the wrong thing here at all!) with him MAY have heightened some pre-exsisting anxieties you normally were not aware of.
        I also agree OT with a focus on SI would be beneficial.


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          Sensory Processing Disorder

          I just wanted to let you know that we have a support group for attachment parenting families dealing with sensory processing disorders at

          It's hard to be part of two "misunderstood" groups! So we're here to be part of the unique journey with each other.

          Melissa, moderator AP_Sensory