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corporal punishment and SPD

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  • corporal punishment and SPD

    Hello All,

    I'm on a Yahoo list for homeschoolers with sensory issues and there's been a disturbing thread today.

    One mother posted a query about the difference between SPD and "sin". Her quote...

    "But I also know the Bible says we all are depraved, including our
    children, and sometimes their behavior is so bad, and I feel like we
    have been too soft on them because we do not know what is SPD and what is sin
    . "

    After that, another 15+ parents responded with reassurances, including the necessity for strict "discipline".

    One mother admonishes her son for not emptying the dishwasher-- that is disobedience in her eyes and she feels compelled to spank him because she loves him so much.

    One uses Ivory soap for back-talking.

    They expect obedience without extending the children respect. Sigh. Maybe that discussion list isn't for me.

    I question spanking any child and certainly using soap in the mouth of any child-- but I imagine those children who struggle to maintain balance in this world (SPD) are truly suffering when subjected to such measures.

    I don't like when my son is (by social norms) rude. I am embarrassed when he has outbursts. We have always strived for gentle guidance. And now that I am aware of SPD, I am learning how to predict when he might be overwhelmed. I believe he deserves that.


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    Wow, I don't know what to say. Religion makes it tricky because these people truly believe violence cures societal problems when it is actually the opposite!

    Read this and maybe share a link.. 'sigh'


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      that's terrible! unfortunately, abuse among the disabled population tends to be higher. you'd think the opposite would be true! i encountered a family just last week that had to be reported to CPS, it's just tragic and heartbreaking-ugh!

      i think the sites and could also be helpful. it sounds like the moms on your site have a twisted view of biblical principles. these sites give more accurate scriptural interpretations.

      kudos to you for trying to understanding your child rather than control him externally. and you're right, mutual respect is EVERYTHING.