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    i made my 10 mo old dd a weighted blanket yesterday....

    i feel like i have wished her little life away thinking if we get to 4mo, 6mo, 9mo, ok 10mo SURELY she will sleep- nope. it feels so sad that i haven't enjoyed her much because she just hasn't ever slept and that makes life hard for a mama of 4. i did some research and found a link:

    i found this infant check list:

    now she isn't a yes on everything, but for a lot she is and well let me tell you...

    SHE ONLY WOKE UP 1 TIME LAST NIGHT!!! AND is napping right now! I can't believe it! her blanket is 3 layers of a sheet- i wanted it to be somewhat light material so she wouldn't be hot with something thick and warm. The inner layer i made about 56 little pockets and filled them with 2# of poly pellets. It's a perfect size for a baby- 33x38 and so far it is working! she didn't even scream as I rocked her to sleep! amazing...

    just thought i would share-
    no longer sleepless in KS

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    just wanted to update here- Luecee took a 1.5 hour nap this morning, a 3 hour nap this afternoon and is asleep tonight at 8:15. today she has been a completly different baby. never did she arch her back when picked up or when i tried to rock her to sleep and she didn't cry as much as she had been.

    just 100% amazed and wanted to share this, hope this will help someone out there- the weighted blanket is so easy to make and i can share how i made mine.


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      That is really interesting! I wonder if that would help other children that are past the swaddling stage, but still liking that 'held tight' feeling. I feel your joy in finally finding a solution! Great researching!


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        Yes! She was a baby that was tightly swaddled in a miricle blanket up until about 6 months or so because I felt that she needed to learn to sleep with out it, and she was rolling all over the place and I didn't feel it was so safe- so from 6-10 months, it has been ROUGH and no sleep!

        She loves it and I am goign to make a smaller lap blanket for the car because it is a horrible horrible thing!!


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          my mother and i made weighted blankets for my 5 yo and 2 yo. you're right, they are easy to make and the kids love them. neither of my kids sleep through the night consistently yet, but the blankets sure are cozy!


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            I am sure it varies from child to child. Luecee slept again last night and woke 1x and then took great naps today. It sure has been working for her!!! YAY


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              Weighted Baby Blanket

              Dear all, weighted baby blanket have been manufactured for some years now, and as someone as suggested they can work really well for those restless babies.
              The filling that we use is not toxic, not smelling, non seeds and what we call inert - nothing can grow from them. The blanket is cotton outer to be machine washed, the inside has pockets containing the small inert weights offering an even distribution of weight through out the blanket.

              And yes the best thing is no swaddling involved -

              All the best
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