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  • AP Friendly Therapists?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for AP friendly psychologists, family therapists, etc. or how to find them?

    We just saw a psychologist that supposedly was good at dealing with sleep issues for kids on the autism spectrum. That didn't turn out to be so true, but he did do a WISC intelligence test.

    The intelligence test turned out fine, but when we got the written report it was full of comments on how my 6 year old son is “insecurely attached” and needs to be in public school even though home schooling seems to be working out fine.

    The only evidence he had for these monumental conclusion were that my son did not want to be away from either parent for the testing!

    The history extended nursing and homeschooling might have also contributed to his assessment of my "poor" parenting.

    Does anyone know of any psychologists/family therapists who are culturally competent in the areas of attachment parenting, esp in Mid-Michigan????


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    wow, i'm so sorry this was your experience! i don't know of anyone in MI, but good luck to you and your family. have you tried Calms Forte for sleep?


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      I don't even know where Michigan IS, so don't know of any therapists. But I would recommend joining a yahoo AP group (or whatever is similar/sounds good to you) and asking for the members' opinions.


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        Thank you. I appreciate the kind support

        I hadn't heard of Calm Forte but will check it out. We're using the melatonin drops with great luck at this point!!! The sleep makes a *world* of difference.

        The psychologist also clarified his comments, so I feel a bit better but will continue looking elsewhere.


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          I don't know of any good psychologists off-hand either, so sorry about that. But I'd agree that you should look into the Calms Forte. It may not do wonders, but it definitely does seem to help many people. It's a homeopathic remedy, so its very gentle and safe, and doesn't have any other drug interactions. It's also great for nerves and anxiety, which I know can sometimes be a problem for kiddos on the autism spectrum, so you might find it to be helpful on several fronts. Good luck finding yourself a good psychologist.
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            I would go to Michigan's counseling association's webpage, there should be bio's of counselors in your area telling you a little about their expertise. You would be surprised how many counselors have no clue what AP even is. It's really very sad. I am one and as I talk to previous colleagues it's amazing what I am educating them in. Then I would definitely call the counselors ahead of time and ask them about their experience with AP and children on the Autism Spectrum. Good luck! Don't let one bad experience ruin it for you.


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              Thanks for the suggestions

              I appreciate all your good wishes and suggestions!

              I've checked out the webpages and have sent off some emails. Perhaps some good will come of it.

              Having been through graduate school in psychology I am keenly aware of the ignorance and/or outright disdain for AP thinking by many in the field.

              (That's why I found an alternative program that focuses on empowerment, prevention, and asset approaches toward health and well-being.)

              I think we need to approach AP as a "culture" and work to produce culturally competent clinicians and counselors with AP familiarity. It's a huge opportunity!!!

              Thanks again for the encouragement!!


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                Hi hubermel, I am just now reading some posts here related to autism. I don't know what needs you may have at this time or what other autism resources/interventions you have looked into but I would encourage you to look at RDI. I can't say that any RDI practicioners in your area are competent in AP (although there are several RDI folks in MI) but I see the two philosophies as being quite compatible. I am both a psychotherapist and an RDI/autism consultant. It is a shame about your experience with the psychologist but very typical.