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  • Welcome to the API Special Needs Forum

    As part of Attachment Parenting International’s forum launch, API wanted to create a few forums that are tailored towards special circumstances that can sometimes prove challenging for parents. The Special Needs forum will be a place where families of children who are dealing with medical, behavioral, developmental, psychological and other special needs can come to discuss these unique challenges.

    Please note that this forum is designed to be a safe place for families and that there may be a variety of viewpoints on a specific topic. It is important to keep everyone’s feelings in mind and know that as parents, and other family members, we are only trying to do what we feel is best for our child. Where one family chooses one road there will be another who chooses a completely different path for addressing the child’s special needs. It is okay to share differing viewpoints but please do so in a respectful, informative and educational manner.

    The Principles of API and the Special Needs (SN) Forum

    All the Principles of API reflect the tools available in parenting our SN child(ren). We may refer to the Principles in the SN forum from time to time, and some tools of the Principles have been proven beneficial for some families, in some aspects, to parenting a SN child.
    The Principles are only guidelines and as with all children, SN or not, we have to do what works for our family.
    Thank you.
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