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Special Needs Acronyms

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  • Special Needs Acronyms

    We here at the Special Needs Community have our own net lingo that is specific to our Community. So if you are just joining the Special Needs world and are not sure what all these abbreviations mean, here is a list to get you started.

    If there are some here that you know of, do not see and want posted, please PM me

    ABA: applied behavioral analysis
    ADD: attention deficit disorder
    ADHD: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
    APD/CAPD: central auditory processing disorder
    ASD: autism spectrum disorder
    AS: aspergers syndrome
    ASPIE: referring to an aspergers Child

    CDD: childhood disintegrative disorder
    CP: cerebral palsy

    DS: down syndrome

    ECSE: early childhood special educator
    EI: early intervention

    FTT- Failure to thrive

    GERD/GORD: gastroesophageal reflux disease

    HFA: high functioning autism

    IDEA: individuals with disabilities education act
    IEP: individualized education plan
    IFSP: individualized family service plan

    MR - mental retardation

    NLD: nonverbal learning disorder/disability
    NT: neurotypical (term used amongst the Autism Community to describe the children that have normal brain function)

    OCD: obsessive compulsive disorder
    ODD: oppositional defiant disorder
    OT: occupational therapy

    PDD: pervasive development disorder
    PDD-NOS: pervasive developmental disorder- not otherwise specified
    PT: physical therapy

    RDI: relationship development intervention
    RS: Retts Syndrome

    SB: Spina Bifida
    SID/SPD: sensory integrative disorder/sensory processing disorder- both represent the same issue
    SN: special needs.
    SLP/SLT: speech language pathologist/speech and language therapists
    ST: speech therapy

    VED: vestibular disorder