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Speech Therapy/What can I do at home?

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  • Speech Therapy/What can I do at home?

    I have a 2 year old DS that will be 3 in May. He has a speech delay and only says about 40 words and most of those are not clear. He only has a few 2 word phrases. Otherwise, he is a healthy little boy and meets all the other milestones for his age. He hears and understands everything you say and follows commands and intstructions.

    I'm scheduled to have him evaluated by the early intervention program, but I would really love to be able to do something with him at home. The problem is I can find very little information on what I can do with him at home to help his speech. All I find are the things I already do - read books, sing songs, fingerplays, talk, talk, talk. He watches 1 signing time DVD/day and knows about 100 signs. We listen to songs at naptime and audio books at bedtime (his older sister's). He has been fully immersed in language since birth. Every time he nursed, I read I book to his sister (and you know how long a newborn can nurse).

    Does anyone know of a book or resource that would give me more information on what I can do? Why can't I find anything that a therepist does? It seems like a great secret. My boy is very shy and unlikely to particpate in therapy until he has been there a dozen times or so. For his age, they do one-on-one play at your home. I'm with him all day and think the therapy would be most effective if came from the person that knows and understands him the most.

    Sorry I got so long-winded. Thanks for any help you may have.

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    i have seen language delays in children give parents more stress than practically any other milestone. the "normal" range is so much greater w/language than anything else, like walking, teething, etc. i have seen many children hardly say a word until age 3, then all of a sudden, start spewing out whole paragraphs. my first son is one of them. my 2nd wasn't as bad, but had some delays as well.

    i know you're looking for some "magic bullet" but it really does sound like you're doing amazing things. it's hard, but try to be patient, get the evaluation and talk w/the therapist. they will give you lots of homework, so don't worry, you'll soon find yourself wishing you didn't have to think about speech so much!

    it would also be hard for anyone here to tell you what to do specifically, b/c there very well could be a physical issue that he needs help w/, like poor muscle control in areas of the mouth. only a therapist would be able to diagnose this and give you specific exercises to strengthen those muscles.


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      Speech and language delays can be caused by a variety of things and are separate. My daughter had a language delay but no speech delay (speech = articulation). It sounds like you are concerned with both speech and language. When my daughter first started speech/language therapy, her therapist gave us a bunch of things to do with her at home that were specific to her needs. The therapist also created a picture board for us to use at home to help her communicate with us when she didn't have the words she needed.

      Good luck and post back after the evaluation!


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        I suggest you to talk with your child as much as possible so that he grabs more words, I hope it works and all the best.