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  • Dairy allergy

    I am looking for some information about symptoms of a dairy allergy/intolerance. My son started showing symptoms of a dariy allergy/intolerance from birth-he was a very colicky baby and I noticed around 6 weeks that it seemed to be worse when I ate dairy products. At around 2 months he began to have blood in his stool (his poo had always been very mucousy as well). I stopped eating dairy completely and noticed an improvement. I was told by my dr. that it was likely he would outgrow this and that it could improve once he started eating solids. DS is now 9 mths, and I have started eating small amounts of dairy again recently. Although his poos are still normal, I have noticed that he seems to have a rash on his back and belly frequently, and that he has been quite restless again throughout the night. I am not sure that this is connected to dairy, but am wondering if anyone has any experience/thoughts about this. My specific questions are : Does anyone know how long it takes for dairy protein to enter into breastmilk, and then into his system? Is it possible that his poo can be normal, but that the dairy is affecting him in a different way now that he is older?

    I have stopped eating dairy again, but know that it can take a few days to rid my body of it completely. My dr. suggested trying to feed him a small bit of cheese/yogurt, but I am afraid to do so in case it causes a bad reaction.

    Sorry for the long post! Any info would be so appreciated.

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    My second son has a dairy allergy. I got a lot of information from the ladies at the Foodlab Yahoo Group-

    It is true that some children outgrow a diary sensitivity but why fool with it if you don't have too. My 2 year old does not get thrashy and screamy at night unless he has straight milk anymore. He get a diaper rash and I see behavior reactions. His immune system is also lowered when he has diary.
    It can take up to a month to totally get rid of all dairy in your system, possibly even more if you are breastfeeding. It is different with different people. You are looking forwhat 'baseline' it. What your child looks, acts, feels, etc without the irritant. Make sure there is no dairy in any vitimins, lotins etc too.

    Is it possible that his poo can be normal, but that the dairy is affecting him in a different way now that he is older?
    Yes, poo is not the only indication of sensitivity to food.


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      Thank you for your reply Naomi! I will check out that website.