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    Happy New Year!

    The Harvard School of Public Health's 'What About Dads?' team would like your assistance with a research study on fathers and child health.

    With changing roles and responsibilities within families, the role of fathers in childhood obesity prevention becomes increasingly important. However, recruiting fathers is a challenge and hence father's are rarely included in research. We would hugely appreciate it if you could help us reach out to US-based fathers of all ethnicities, with at least one child 10 years or younger, to get their opinions on opportunities for their engagement in research. All fathers need to do is fill out a 10 minute online survey, and we will reimburse them for their time.

    Please 'like' us on Facebook, post our survey on your wall or webpage, forward this to fathers you know and tell a partner organization about us, to spread the word.

    Thank you so much for your time! Have a great day!

    Surevy link for laptops and computers:
    Survery link for hand held devices:
    Googlevoice numbers: 617.855.9450