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Cultural Differences in BFing

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  • Cultural Differences in BFing

    Hello, fellow colleagues, lactivists, and breastfeeding moms! We, Natasha Sriraman (MD, IBCLC) and Stacy Meyers (RNC, IBCLC), are working on a project regarding Cultural Differences in Breastfeeding. More specifically, we are interested in the attitudes, beliefs, and practices of breastfeeding within specific cultures. We want both personal stories from mothers and professional experiences of Lactation Consultants or other Health Care Providers working with moms and babies to get a picture of how breastfeeding is viewed within each particular region, country, and/or religion in the context of the mother, the baby, the husband, extended family, and social issues. And we need your help. We are looking for moms of a distinct cultural group to interview for anecdotal stories. It can be any culture, we are casting our net wide. Do you know any past or current breastfeeding moms with whom you can put us in touch? Are you aware of any providers who work with a particular cultural population? Please send me their information or have them contact me at Thank you in advance for your time and effort in supporting our endeavor!
    Thanks and best regards,
    Stacy & Natasha