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  • Support for Babies-at-Work Program

    The Parenting in the Workplace Institute is offering free support for sustainable pilot babies-at-work programs for between five and ten organizations. These programs will enable parents to bring their babies to work for the first six to eight months of life and to care for them while doing their jobs. We plan to document and publicize the progress of these pilot programs to whatever extent each participating organization is comfortable, and we anticipate positive media coverage for those who participate (see We are working with a filmmaker, Chithra Jeyaram, who will be creating a documentary about pilot programs in organizations that wish to be included.

    Our first pilot organization is Hot Studio, an “experience design” company with offices in San Francisco and New York City. We hope to work with a variety of other organizations around the country in various sizes and industries, to show that babies-at-work programs are successful and beneficial for organizations and families when they are structured effectively. We will provide everything necessary for each organization to implement a successful program, including assessment of the best way to customize the program given the corporate structure and physical layout of each organization, education to bring managers and employees on board with the policy, and full support for participating parents with information and resources to enable them to be as effective as possible at caring for their babies while completing their work.

    We have learned that successful babies-at-work programs frequently begin with a parent who uses AP methods (extensive holding, breastfeeding, highly-responsive care, engaging the baby in social interactions, etc.). These parents demonstrate that babies are often extremely calm and content in a work environment and that their presence results in substantial business benefits. After having seen the results from one baby at work, companies typically decide to continue the program for other parents and babies. Because of this dynamic, we are focusing our initial efforts to find potential pilot organizations within the AP community. If you would like your organization to implement a babies-at-work program, please contact us at carla @ or (801) 897-8702 or visit for more information about our work.

    Thank you for helping us to build a bridge between family and career.

    Carla Moquin
    President, Parenting in the Workplace Institute