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    My name is Mikhaila Rutherford and I am seeking a Masterís degree through the Mills College Infant Mental Health Program, and I would appreciate your assistance in recruiting participants for my masters research. As part of my degree program, I am conducting a study to find out more about the transition to motherhood for adoptive and non-adoptive first time mothers of infants and young children ages of 12 months to 36 months (3 years). Adopted children must have been in their adoptive home for at least 6 months.

    My interest in adoptive families stems from the fact that I am an adoptee. I was adopted at the age of four from Belarus. Because of this, I am extremely interested in the services available to and the transition mother's of adoptive children must deal with.
    Participation involves filling out an online questionnaire that asks mothers questions about her experiences of wanting to become a parent, and her current experiences as a mother. Participation is completely voluntary and a mother may drop out of the study at any time. This research is supervised by Dr. Carol George Ph.D. Professor of Psychology at Mills College.
    This study has been approved my the Mills College internal review board for meeting the ethical standards required for survey research. I am attaching a copy from the IRB for you to look at as well.
    This is the survey link:

    Mikhaila Rutherford
    Department of Psychology
    Mills College