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Do you and your partner agree about child rearing?

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  • Do you and your partner agree about child rearing?

    Do you agree about spending? relationships with the wider family? What causes friction in your relationship?

    Here, we differ on the child rearing depending on the issue and we're always working through the details -- the why. I'm the one with the AP reading behind me so I'm usually the one making that case, but I have to pick my momemnts, focus on the positives and let daddy build have his unique relationships too! It's not perfect and sometimes it's hard!

    How is it for you?

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    Marriage, Partners and Parenting

    Marriage is the part of life when a person doing marriage it means he completing his life.


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      Sounds like you're suggesting that marriage/partnerships exist for us to continue our growth and learning process in adulthood?


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        There are many times when we agree on discipline issues, co-sleeping, and extended breastfeeding. Only when my husband is tired or frustrated does he resort to measures that are counter to AP: threats, time-outs, etc. At those moments I try to step in and other moments I realize it is their relationship to work out.


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          When parents get stressed

          Hi Stephanie
          It makes sense to respectfully intervene when the other parent gets over-stressed.
          I find Dan Siegel's explanation of 'flipping the lid' so helpful, I encourage parents to use this hand signal to indicate to each other when they are feeling stressed and needing support. ('Parenting from the Inside Out').

          It was in my first Imago workshop that I learnt about the triune brain - that we all go into survival mode at times - and that part of our brain doesn't do reason or connection!