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  • My Workshop Experience

    I attended an Imago Workshop about 8 years ago as part of my therapy training. My husband and I were in a good place, having endured conflicts over child-rearing, financies, in-laws. Our children were now grown and out of the house. Let's just say we were "coasting."

    I was completely surprised by my experience in the workshop. As my husband and I shared with each other our true feelings about various events from the past, I realized that I felt a new closeness to him. We had definitely opened a door that we hadn't even seen before! We learned a new respect for each other. We began to listen more carefully, to value each other's viewpoints.

    The workshop had such a clear impact on our relationship, and its effects are ongoing.

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    Thanks Patricia for sharing that you experience a new closeness and you've learnt a new respect for each other. It's so exciting that there are always new opportunities in our relationships, no matter how long we've been married/ in relationship.

    Wed love to hear from others who've been on an Imago workshop.



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      I have a couple in my support group who attended the workshop early on in their relationship and they speak very highly of it and have still been able to maintain what they learned in the workshop. I have recommended the Imago workshop to many families and some of the number one responses is that with their children being so young and not having family support around to care for the child and not having the monetary means to have someone babysit their child all weekend, what would their options be to help in assisting their relationship to become closer?

      Also, how different are your workshops compared to those of Nonviolent Communication in which they also teach better communication, respect, and conflict resolution?


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        Does it help if one of us goes?

        As Val has mentioned, there are workshops for singles (Keeping the Love You Find), but if you are in a committed relationship you would need to attend the workshop for couples WITH your partner. However, your question is a great one. The Imago theory generally is to engage both partners in therapy sessions as well, yet I find that when only one person goes the relationship CAN benefit. If only one person is willing to be in therapy I would strongly recommend seeing an Imago therapist. Someone with this training will have a "relational" perspective, knowing that there is this person in front of you in the therapy room, and the partner that you can't see, AND the relationship between the two of them. The Imago therapist will help the individual understand that partners heal each other... that you and your partner have some unmet needs and that your awareness of your partner's needs benefits you as well.