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let's connect...welcome to another Imago week!

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  • let's connect...welcome to another Imago week!

    Dear friends:

    I would like to welcome you to my week as guest host. I am excited to be interacting with API about the challenges and opportunities in relationships, be they committed love relationships, parenting or any other relationship. I welcome all your posts!

    My introduction to attachment parenting came late, in that my daughters were pretty much grown before I discovered it. It was then that I returned to graduate school and found myself drawn to working with couples and became an Imago Relationship therapist. The complex dynamics of relationships is central to the work I do in my office, presenting workshops, training, and in my personal life. Attachment theory is an important component in the understanding that supports all that I do. As I assisted couples in understanding their own backgrounds, I heard them say things to one another like, "Oh my gosh! What are we doing to our kids?" and in 2000 I determined that I wanted to create a workshop to help parents shift some of the traditional parenting practices that remain prevalent. I've been passionately involved in teaching "parenting" ever since. In my personal life I see the benefits in the ways our daughters and their husbands parent our nine grandchildren, and it is with them that I can apply what I came to value and appreciate in the attachment approach and the Imago approach.

    I am hopeful that I can contribute to the discussion and perhaps offer support, insight and even guidance if that is called for, in this coming week. In Imago we think in terms of healing the planet one couple or one family at a time!


    Marcia Ferstenfeld