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When is it too late to start AP?

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  • When is it too late to start AP?

    My youngest daughter is 3 months and I have been using Dr. Sears methods with her with great success.

    My other two children, however, were not "Sears babies". I would like to start using AP with both of them too, for increased bonding etc. How do I go about this with a 2.5 and 4.5 year old?


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    Never too late to start AP!

    Congratulations on your new family addition and welcome to AP! AP is about building trusting relationships with your children and that's a dynamic that you can work to change at any time. If you and your family have been used to a different style of parenting for awhile, making changes might take some patience as you all try and try to get used to new things. API's Eight Principles of Parenting can serve as a great guideline to begin building closer relationships with your older children and your newborn. Sensitive responsiveness is the core of API's Principles and it underpins every relationship we'll ever have -- most certainly the parent-child relationship through time.


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      When is it too late to start AP? No such thing!

      When I offer Imago Parenting workshops, we introduce the art of attunement and the skills for dialogue including mirroring, validating and empathizing. At the core of those skills is connection which is central to attachment. The stories about the way children of all ages respond are deeply moving and suggest to me that we can begin whenever we have the understanding, and some methods for putting the energy of attachnent into action! If a parent can truly connect to his/her child's dissappointment, frustration, excitement, confusion, rather than "fixing" it, judging it, or rejecting it, that child and parent will be in connection, and the attachment approach is activated.