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Is the economy affecting your relationship?

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  • Is the economy affecting your relationship?

    "Finances" is often listed as a major stressor in relationships. In today's economic climate, many are struggling to make ends meet, or at least have had to adjust their lifestyle. It stands to reason that couples may not see eye to eye on this topic. This is where open, honest communication is especially important. Each of you deserves to be heard, AND remember, your partner ALSO deserves to be heard. Listen to each other respectfully and calmly. This can go a long way toward resolving conflicts.
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    The economy didn't/isn't affecting our relationship yet, but I think that's because a few years ago, we had major financial troubles stemming from a layoff following a major medical issue and the subsequent debt. So, we had already been there. We also make saving money a priority, just in case something should happen to someone's job so there's money to get us until another job becomes available.


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      Excellent, Rita. You have already had "practice" with this issue and now you know how to guard against an economic downfall. Putting aside some savings is likely to help you feel more secure, and therefore, less stressed. We can be more compassionate with one another when we are not stressed!