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The Cuddle Drug: Oxytocin

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  • The Cuddle Drug: Oxytocin

    How often do you really hold your partner? How often does your partner hold you? In Imago we talk about the importance of holding. It's not the same as hugging, rather it's the feeling of lying in one's arms, and being supported by your partner in that way.

    Oxytocin is a hormone produced by close tactile contact in intimate relationships, and thus is being referred to as "the cuddle drug." It's a 'feel-good' drug that creates a sense of satisfaction and well-being. Oxytocin surges most prominently in women during childbirth, and is responsible for the bonding that occurs between mother and infant. It increases during sexual activity, but even hugging, holding, and massage can stimulate it's production. Imagine what 5 minutes of holding might do for your relationship!

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    I also read something once that 5 seconds of looking into your partners eyes is good for that connection...likely the same kinda effect.

    I agree, if you don't touch and look at is hard to remain close!


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      You are so right, Naomi. The gaze, just as between caregiver and infant, is an important factor in closeness between partners.


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        I am a touchy-feely person and often seek touch from my husband, which he doesn't resist. I'll sit on the couch with him with my feet on his lap and put his arm around me. Or I'll lay my head on his chest at night. Or sometimes, he'll surprise me with a hug from behind.

        We don't always remember to do this every day, but we make kissing each other before one of us leaves and the other comes home a priority.