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    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this thread, but I have a question for anyone who is ECing (Elimination Communication) or doing any other potty learning.

    Our son (who is almost 21 months) has been ECing since he was about 10-12 months old, and now I guess would be pretty much considered to be almost all the way potty-trained except that we aren't in underwear yet (only because if I put him in a diaper or training pants while he's playing, he gets distracted and just eliminates in them and doesn't tell me he's wet). I mostly let him run around diaper free while at home as he now goes to his Baby Bjorn potty and either stands up to pee into it or sits down to pee into it telling me after he goes, "Lotsa pee pee" or "Little pee pee." It's actually pretty cute. However, when he needs to poop, he prefers to stand usually nodding to me that he's pooping or tells me, "Potty potty" or "Lotsa poo poo" as it starts to come out of his butt (LOL). I can usually catch him in time to get him to sit down, but he sometimes refuses and wants to stand up to poop. I remember reading somewhere when I was reading up on the Bradley Method while I was pregnant with him that in other countries most people do stand to pee or poop (regardless of gender) to let gravity help eliminate. However, in this country, I don't know how well that would go over (not that I care what others think... but I am trying to get him to learn what is usually done in this society). Any suggestions on how I can get him to sit down to poop? Or will he just naturally want to do that on his own. He did the standing up to pee on his own as I guess it is more comfortable to him (or maybe it's a boy thing where he wants to try to aim?). Thanks for your help! We are enjoying this learning experience, and he is overjoyed when he poops in the potty (or pees) and tells me about it.

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    I am bummed with all of the views that no one replied.

    That's ok! I guess my question was very unique!

    Anyhow, I think our problem resolved itself on its own as my son grew more aware of his bodily functions.


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      sorry you didn't get any responses here. have you joined any of the EC forums? i know yahoo has a couple. you'd probably get a lot of support there.


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        i just saw this sorry i would have said he might grow out of it. my oldest did that for awhile...

        the eliminationcommunication group on yahoo is a pretty good read.


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          Please tell me how you got on with this problem? I have EXACTLY the same!

          I'm so relieved to read your post, even if it is over two years ago.

          I have the same issue with my 22-month-old son. He wants to stand while pooing and if I try to encourage him to sit down on the potty he gets stressed and I don't want to stress him!

          I'll add that with weeing, he is really relaxed and happy to sit or stand, and to use the toilet or potty, or just go on the grass in the garden when it's warm enough. (He is very careful about standing in a way that keeps his shoes out of the way of the wee and seems to have even taught himself a little shake at the end - it's hard not to smile when he does. He has also been dry at night for a year now.

          Any suggestions as to how I might gently encourage him to poo in the potty (or something that would work whilst standing?) would be welcome!