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  • Questions about mothers helper

    I need help here with an area I have no experience with but am about to embark on...
    and I am sorry-I do not know where else to post

    If you find a Mothers Helper/ me with etiquette here..
    do you go pick them up take them home?
    or do you have the Helpers parents do this?

    About rate for services..
    do you pay less for Mothers Helper and pay more for a sitter?
    Or should it be the same rate for both services....?

    I have two children how much would you pay someone?

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    I don't have any *personal* experience but several moms in a local parenting group use Mother's Helpers.

    Pickup/Drop-off - which is convenient for you? I'd say this may depend on the helper - some parents are spazzy about others driving their kids (yes, this is me hehe) and others don't mind.

    Rates - Mother's helpers generally do earn less than a sitter as you're still around.

    Rates really vary by area. For *my* kids, I'd pay $10/hr for the 2 kids but that is based on rates in my area and my kiddos temperaments hehe.

    Good luck, I've always dreamed of a Mother's Helper!


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      I adore my helper. I have three kids but she generally looks after two.

      She asked for three dollars an hour but I could not in good conscience pay that. So I gave her 6 an hour, but I still feel that was low.

      She walks here, she lives four houses away.


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        I worked as a mother's helper to someone within our API group. We are close mutual friends. She needed help, I needed extra income and I was one of the few people her daughter liked. We settled on $8/hr; I'd ask for $2-3 more an hour per extra child. I believe a MH does more than a babysitter; but it depends on the individuals and children's needs. If I needed a MH, I'd first post to our local API/LLL group for like-minded moms, then within my church or other org., then to any local forums or sitterfinder. It's expected to have your own transportation, although the occasional pick up/drop off is fine.


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          Hey thanks everyone...
          This helped much and mine starts next Thursday..I am so nervous and not sure what to do with myself for the two hours she will be here...then she will come on Sunday afternoons for my husband and I to go on a date..ooohh the out of comfort level is high..but MUCH needed......