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Urgh, babysitting??

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  • Urgh, babysitting??

    I just wanted some advice about possibly bringing in some extra cash by looking after another baby a few days a week. The problem is if I have another infant to watch how will I spend enough time with my son? He is 11 weeks old and when I'm not working we pretty much spend every moment together doing one thing or another. Would another baby around ruin this for us?

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    Maybe an older child that needs less "hands on" attention. A 2 or 3 year old that would enjoy putting puzzles together, going to the library, feeding itself, walking and maybe even using the potty! Your hands could be open a lot if you had the baby in the carrier.
    We started watching an infant when my son was 1 1/2 --at his house. That was nice because I didn't have to worry about the condition of my own home!
    Do you have a lead on a child already?


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      A huge plus to having another little one in your home is how much your baby will love seeing another small person. When my nephew was a couple months old, my sister in law babysat my 4 year old daughter for a weekend. Not only did my daughter LOVE being the big helper, my SIL couldn't get over how much her son couldn't keep his eyes off my daughter. Babies love watching little faces. Maybe you could try it for a few days a week and see how it goes before committing to an every day kind of thing.


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        So what did you do? Are you babysitting?