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Vacation sans kiddos?

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  • Vacation sans kiddos?

    Just throwing this out there for discussion - if you have taken a vacation without the children - what age where they and how did the experience go? Where did your children stay while you were away?

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    i don't know if you could call this a vacation, but someone bought us a night at an anniversary getaway one year. ds1 was 2. my mother came and stayed w/us for 3 days before we left, and then kept him the one night we were gone. that's all we've done. i got pregnant again right before that. our 10th anniv. is next year and we're hoping to at least take one night again, but have no firm plans yet.


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      One night away is a vacation IMO hehe. My husband and I took a three night vacation (just under 72 hours total) in March and my kiddos took turns staying with my sister and my parents.

      The kids had a lot of fun as they were able to spend the night with their cousins. My family is very close but I was a mild nervous-wreck when we left. The first night was a little rough for me, the second night was better but that last night - I wanted to be home. I kept calling the kids and my son told me to stop calling all the time because I was interrupting him.

      I don't have plans for another getaway like that was much-needed but a bit harder on me than I thought. The kids fell right back in to the normal routine so I think they handled it better than I.


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        Well, we got thrown into the fire on this one. This spring I was in a car accident while 34wks pregnant. I was was hospitalized overnight. My mom and dad came and stayed with my boys (then 2.5 and almost 5). My mom was awesome with the kids and stayed up much of the night telling them stories about me to get them through (they were also in the accident, then my DH took them home to my parents before I left the scene then took me directly to the was a rough night for all of us!). NOT what I would have planned, but it worked out!

        We spent a night away for my DH's HS reunion this summer. My older kids were 5 and almost 3. They spent the night at my parents'. My 5yo did wonderfully. My middle child had a rough time, but again my mom worked with him and by the morning he didn't want to come back home. We took the baby (4mos at the time) w/ us. We had my ILs come and watch him in the hotel room so I could BF him as needed. So it wasn't really a vaca w/out kids - but I have to say that having only one kid and getting to stay in a hotel room felt VERY luxurious!

        My middle DS has recently insisted on spending the night at my parents'. He always has a rough patch between 10p and midnight, but still loves it and wants to go. It's funny bc I would *never* have sent my oldest away at age 3! I'm really blessed to have my mom, who is so awesome with the kids!


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          My husband and I spent a night away for our 10th anniversary several years ago when our kids were 5 and 22 mos. It actually went pretty well!

          They stayed with MIL, and slept in sleeping bags in the living room. DD (the 22 month old) woke up during the night, but MIL came out and slept on the couch with her.

          The kids had a great time - got to watch lots of TV and movies (which they don't at home) and eat lots of junk food (which they don't at home) so a good time was had by all.