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    So I wasn't sure where to post this. We are on a family trip right now with my 17 m/o ds. Does anyone have any suggestions on traveling 24 hours in a car with a toddler? Sleeping?? eating?? opportunities to play?

    We made it to our destination. I nursed him when needed..but took him out of the car seat often. He slept mostly out of the car seat b/c he wanted to be with me. We fed him food we packed when he wanted to eat. I took him out to run around when we stopped. I guess taking him out of his carseat was the scariest but I think it would have been torture otherwise.

    Looking for suggestions or experiences.

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    i HATE, HATE, HATE traveling w/kids. we have a 10 hour drive to visit my parents at least once a year. when mine were nursing, i always spent most of the trip standing up over them, nursing, while they were strapped in their seats. now that they are a little over, the DVD player is a godsend. we try to travel as much as possible in the wee early morning hours, so that they sleep. i don't have any other wisdom here. it's tough!!!


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      traveling with toddlers is defnitely tough! do u have a mini tv or something portable they can watch movies on! thatll keep them quiet for hours!