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SAHM needs help scheduling toddler's day

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  • SAHM needs help scheduling toddler's day

    I was wondering how any of you SAHMs schedule your toddler's day. Do you have "art" time and "book" time, or what? If so how do you incorporated them? I used to be a preschool teacher so I am looking for some more structure in our day. DS1 is 17 months old and DS2 is 6 weeks. I would love to see some sample schedules. We have scheduled, lunch, nap, dinner, bath and bed times but I am looking for more enriching activities in his day. I have just signed DS1 up for a gymnastics class on Mondays, an Art class on Wednesdays and a story time and play group on Fridays (they all only last 30 minutes, so not overwhelming). I am looking forward to getting out of the house! They all work out well because they are well before lunch and nap time, but I am looking for some day to day activity guides.

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    We aren't really into scheduling too much so cannot give a blow by blow account of our day as we tend to take things as they come.

    In saying that though I do make an effort to do one 'activity' a day. We usually do it after his nap as that is when he seems to be the most receptive and his attention span is the longest at that time too. For the activity I make sure that we do it at the table because this seems to make it more 'special' and differentiates it from playtime. DS gets very excited when I start getting something together on the table. We do arts and crafts, fine motor skill games like putting toothpicks through holes or threading beads, color matching, letters, etc. I make sure that as soon as he looses interest we go off to do something else (often read a book). I dont want him to think of t his time as a chore.

    As far as reading and all that stuff I have two sets of books for him. One that are mostly board books or cheaper not too important ones that he has access to all the time. Then we have his bedtime books that are a bit more special and are out of reach and read to him at bedtime. Whenever he wants to read a book he brings us one and if I am not running around like a maniac then we will read it. If I say no then I always make sure that we do some reading when I am finished with whatever I was doing. Once again I really dont want to make books an issue, so its mostly led by him... although I do often ask him if he wants to read a book. He loves his books so its never really been a problem to get heaps read in a day.

    Not sure if that is what you were looking for? Remember that playtime is really important too! It sounds like you already have heaps of great activities for you LO to sink his teeth into!

    Have a look at this blog she has heaps of cool ideas to do with LO that also have learning involved.