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    We are looking for daycares and I thought maybe folks might have some good questions to ask. We ask about their parenting philosophy and most of them get a somewhat confused look and don't know how to answer. Many people don't think about this subject as deeply so I am wondering how to phrase questions that show the philosophy without necessarily calling it that.

    Any ideas would be great!


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    Welcome to the API Forums. I moved your post to the Consistent and Loving Care forum.

    Here's a link where another parent asked a similar question:

    Good luck in your search.


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      I don't know how old your child is and what flexibility you have regarding funds, but if you are able, look into in home daycare or another mother willing to keep one more child.

      Some questions might be-
      What would you do if a child woke up in the middle of his nap crying.
      What would you do if my child was having an argument with another child at the playground?
      What kind of activities do you do with the children you watch?



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        First of all, good luck in your search. I have been there, and I know that it can be really stressful.

        Always trust your gut instincts!!! I made this mistake and talked myself into someone who was in a more convenient location - our neighborhood. It was a terrible experience, but I have to say that I learned a lot.

        Keep the questions open ended. The more you can get them to talk, the better ideas you'll have regarding the way they do things. Figure out the things you value the most. For me I wanted to make sure that my babe was safe but also responded to when he cried. So I'd ask them to tell me how often they responded to a child who was upset, or WHEN do you let a child just cry it out.

        Don't let them know how you feel so they don't "sell" you. Also, make sure you visit a few times at different times of day, and make sure that they are open to unannounced visits before making a decision. Once you do find the place, pop in unannounced and also have family do this just so they are always on their toes.

        I wish you the best