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leaving baby for 1st time

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  • leaving baby for 1st time

    hi all,

    I've been AP'ing my little one to the best of my ability. He's now coming up for 6 months and has experienced a bit of stranger anxiety so far. His daddy is around but doesnt live with us, we are together still.

    I have only left him for 30mins once with his daddy to pop out to the shops. Also we both left him at 3 months with a close friend for about 40 mins.

    i want to do a one day course in a month or two that would involve me being away for 9 hours from him. I can leave him with his daddy, but he doesnt know him like i do so I do feel guilty and worry for him. I know these are normal feelings, but will I not feel this at any age? Or should I wait. His dad plays with him, but rarely has put him to sleep or to nap and doesnt seem to have the same intuition I do, (yet thinks he does!)

    He is both bottle and formula fed as we had a lot of problems with latch at first. So he will take bottle from his dad no problem. I'm worried because I wont be there to know whats wrong and what he needs at all times. also I dont want him to cry...

    I could practice leaving him with his dad for a few hours and being near by incase, but I dont want to leave him any more than I have to...

    he will be 7 or 8 months when the course is....

    thanks for any advice and experience!


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    He is likely to be fine with his Dad. Will you be OK? Does this class have a break?

    My children have been left with Daddy for thease one time occasions like your class, shopping trips, etc. I think it gets really hard on young babies if Mommy is gone many hours, many days a week (and the Mommies!)

    Maybe try leaving an hour or two at the time when you would leave for this class (and go do something wonderful you like to do alone) and call as much as you want to check on your baby boy. I know it was a little difficult but always much harder on ME. Likely the novelty of daddy might pull them through the day and the fact that the full day before and after you will be there.

    I also think it is normal to think about the Daddies not having the exact intuition as we Mommies do. After all we are with them ALL THE TIME. My husband has been very motivated to create a nuturing relationship with both of our boys as babies. Try to remember that while the Daddy is NOT the Mommy the other caregiver can have other ways of realating and their own 'touch' that we do not. Try to give them a chance to be with each other even when you are near. That will help them develop the trust and attachment as the other primary caregiver.