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Finding a new care provider???

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  • Finding a new care provider???

    My husband and I are heavily involved in a pre-marital weekend retreat with our church. We have taken the last year and half off since we've had our daughter but in May we are going to be presenting a weekend. Our daughter will be 18.5mo. I have never left my daughter for more than 3 hours and then it's only been with my husband, and my husband and I have never been away from her for more than an hour. We have already assured that the other presenting couple on the retreat will be okay with the fact that our daughter will be at the retreat center but we need to find someone to watch her while we are presenting 15 min. here 20min there. We've only ever left her with my in-laws but in this case that isn't appropriate. Any suggestions on how we find someone to come to a retreat center and watch her. And how to focus on the weekend when we are just going to be worried about her the whole time.

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    Maybe look through the church? Maybe ask the other people attending if they know anyone?