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  • Going to work? Yes? No?

    I just can't decide whether or not to return to work. I know that I'm fortunate to be making this decision, but we made a lot of life adjustments so we could afford life on one salary. I have an opportunity to go back to work part time (afternoons) and am considering taking it. I have a toddler who is almost 2 and another who is almost 3. In my heart of hearts, I do really feel like they are too young for much substitute care. I think the children are ready for having a little "preschool" time a couple of days a week, but the job (if I accept it) would require that they be in care for about 4 to 4 and a half hours M-F.

    Of course, I sound like I've already decided against it, but I wonder if my feelings about them being in substitute care for so long is more my issue than theirs. (However, the 2 year old does still nurse to sleep for her nap...) The reason I'm hemming and hawing is I do have a great opportunity and I'm so very torn. I have really loved life as a SAHM, but I don't want to be holding my children back, either.

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    are you able to give it a trial run? is there anything that says you try it and if everyone hates it, you quit? you're right in that you may find they love their preschool time. if it is quality care and you feel comfortable with it, you may find that it's a great decision for both them and you.


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      If you can't decide, then maybe it isn't time. You are not holding them back by staying home, but putting them in daycare would not necessarily either. (Finding a good daycare is a full time job in itself)

      To me when it comes to my children, if I have the slightest doubt then I know it isn't right yet. Even if it is just me, then I know my anxiety will show, kids can spot that when so many others can not. If you have it, they will have it. Give yourself a bit of time and see if you can ask them to wait and you can do a trial run without a job by trying a child care center for an hour here and there to see how they do.

      Peace and whatever you decide, it will all be fine.