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Daycare, naps and breastfeeding

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  • Daycare, naps and breastfeeding

    Hi, my son is 17 months old and started daycare a month ago. He's in a great private family home daycare 3 days per week. The problem we are facing is that he's used to breastfeeding to sleep, including naps. The provider isn't able to put him down when the other kids nap since he starts crying and I have to pick him up in the early afternoon so he can nap at home. I may not be able to do this much longer as my work needs me to be there for the full day. It's hard to go back and forth from work to the daycare as they aren't close to each other. We've tried rocking him, bottle feeding but nothing seems to work... Can anyone share their experiences with similar situations? How do you resolve this? Thanks.

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    currently have that issue with my day care provider (my parents)...she's getting 10 months.

    i think routine ..not schedule.. works best with us. he'll soon figure out when he's home he sleep slike this, and when he's there he sleeps like that... it won't happen overnight though. so consistence is key. it takes a bit to get used to, ya know?

    also, weening while sleeping might help. i'm currently looking into this as well... because my little latches at night, and doesn't let go sometimes. which, isn't good during the day, she needs to learn to sleep without it.and get to sleep without it.
    i found a good article that might help you:

    good luck!