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  • suitable child care

    Hi everyone.
    I have been looking in to child care in my city wellington in my country New Zealand. I am struggling to find a center that practices or even understands AP. I am scared of undoing all the work we have done with our son by sending him to any of the centers I've visited so far. There are no places available at our local Montessori's. can anyone offer me any advice on some good child care centers.

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    oh! that stinks that there's nothing at M. i was going to recommend that until i read that part. they are SOOO AP-minded. are there any waldorf schools there? i don't know a lot about them, but then tend to be more open-minded from my understanding. if you must choose from a remaining school, i'd be very up-front about what you expect/don't expect and practice/don't practice. maybe it would even be an opportunity to educate them


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      Have you considered a mom/dad that stay's home to be your care provider? I have 4 children of my own and would consider watching 2 to 3 other children for another AP mother. That may be something to consider. Or a more professional nanny type that would come to Your house to watch your kids. I hope you find something that will work for you!