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"Trouble" Falling asleep

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  • "Trouble" Falling asleep

    I need some advice/help. Here is the background; my daughter is almost 10 months old. At night she sleeps in her crib until she wakes up between 4 and 6 in the morning and then she comes to bed with us until we wake up for the morning (gotta love that snuggle time ). The "problem" part is that she doesn't fall asleep unless she is on me, my husband (or her grandmothers). My Mother keeps giving me dire warnings that I'm not doing her any favors by not teaching her to fall asleep on her own. Have I created a problem here? It doesn't feel like a problem to me now, but my mom keeps telling me that I'm creating a big problem.
    thanks for your thoughts,

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    My son (about 10.5 months old) still nurses to sleep. On the rare occassion he doesn't nurse to sleep DH bounces him to sleep. If what you are doing wokrs for you guys then there is no reason to change it. When she's ready she will fall asleep on her own....and then you might miss your current nighttime routine
    Or worse case senario you will have to go away to college with her and rock her to sleep everynight!


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      My daughter is going to be 10 months this weekend and she sleeps with my husband and I. She's never seen the inside of her crib (our cat gets more use out of it). I've gotten a lot of advice like what you're getting from your mom and I sometimes get frustrated. I comfort myself in taking a good look at my daughter and asking myself if she looks like a happy and content child. My answer is always yes so I know that the choices we're making are the right ones for us.

      I also think it's important to remember that everyone gives advice because it is most likely what worked for them. It's hard for people to understand how a different method than their own might work just as well. People mean well but they neglect to see how their innocent comments and advice can sometimes actually be harmful instead of helpful.

      Keep doing what you're doing. If your child is happy and your choices are making you happy, then keep on keepin' on!


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        i guess i would turn it back around and ask "why does she need to fall asleep on her own?" many people, full-grown, need help falling asleep. for some, it is a book, for others, a t.v., for others, the comfort of our spouse. Independence is one of the Great Myths of our society. we tell our children they must hurry up and be independent and then quickly get married and depend on someone else for the rest of their lives when, in fact, none of us is truly independent. we all rely on the trash men, the delivery trucks, government, friends, family. how much more should we allow (and even revel in) our babies' dependence!


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          thanks everyone for your replies and support. I need to remember to trust my gut and not worry so much. thanks again,


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            Originally posted by atomicmassunit View Post
            thanks everyone for your replies and support. I need to remember to trust my gut and not worry so much. thanks again,
            Yep, Mama is ALWAYS right!

            And let me tell our 14yr old DD doesn't still sleep w/ us or on me so they do grow out of it. 5yr old doesn't sleep on me either. She does still come into our bed some nights but its ok w/ us. If it works why change it?